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Will Taylor, LPUK, on The Daily Politics

This Election, Liberty is Libertarian

It’s been a while coming, but finally the Tories have officially broken with their more libertarian members – whatever else came out of their recent manifesto that much is clear. However, there is an oasis of liberty that is growing in direct response to the dearth – the Libertarian Party UK (LPUK).

German Flag

A Fresh Understanding of Patriotism

Patriotism often gets a bad rap and is frequently victim of the fallacy of association when only the most distasteful groups are used as examples of patriotism to undermine its true validity. In reality this is a distortion that needs correcting. As Daniel Hannan points out,

healthy captivity

Christopher Snowdon on the Erosion of Liberty

“We live in an era of outraged minorities and pressure group politics. Once people see government using the law to appease vociferous special interest groups, everybody wants a piece of the action. Had your feelings hurt by unkind words on social media? We’ve got a

House Arrest

A Prisoner Without an Offence

This is a true story. One January morning, Y went to the cashpoint near his home to draw out some money. When the machine swallowed his card, he went into the bank, where he was told he needed to contact the card provider. He arranged

Satellite Image of the UK

EU Proposes Satellite Tracked Road Tax

Since taxation based on distance driven has already been achieved for many years we ought to question the suggestion of satellite tracking very closely. Using it for tax seems like overkill given the simplicity and reliability of the fuel duty approach. What other motive might there be for satellite tracking every vehicle?