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Je Suis Charlie Gard

Je Suis Charlie Gard

I don’t think that Charlie grown to maturity would choose death when one more treatment was available. But even so I don’t think it is my call – and for that reason it is not the state’s call either. Je suis Charlie – with such an overreaching state, we are all potentially Charlie.

Over It Yet?

Over It Yet?

After all this time hard remainers are still campaigning to stop Brexit as though the referendum is taking place next week. Over a year later surely it’s time to accept the democratic decision and rally together to make a success of independence.

Pincer Movement

Pincer Movement

If we fail to remain vigilant to what is going on, and fail to act as a voice of calm, of reason, of freedom, of individual liberty, there is every chance the trend of violence will grow until the state has the perfect excuse to curtail our liberties even further – which would indeed have been the whole point all along.

Democracy Needs Brexit

Democracy Needs Brexit

This is the real battle. Whatever we think of membership in the EU, we must think more of democracy. It has its flaws, but in spite of those its roots are in the right place for the most part – the will of the people.

Will Taylor, LPUK, on The Daily Politics

This Election, Liberty is Libertarian

It’s been a while coming, but finally the Tories have officially broken with their more libertarian members – whatever else came out of their recent manifesto that much is clear. However, there is an oasis of liberty that is growing in direct response to the dearth – the Libertarian Party UK (LPUK).

We're broke.

We’ve maxed out our kid’s credit card. Can we stop now?

I’m not sure sure it really is a surprise to governments how they get in debt, but it certainly seems to be a surprise to many of us voters. Otherwise surely we would stop demanding what we stopped being able to afford long ago. Otherwise surely we would stop maxing out our kid’s credit cards.

2016: The Year of Brexit

2016: The Year The People Said No

Like many in the EU, and even in Britain, Mr Schlink fails to understand what happened on June 23rd, 2016. He was right in his observation of the common sense and reason of the English, which is exactly why we made the decision we did.

Schadenfreude: Enjoying The US Election

America is in a real state right now and the fact that they’re relying on Donald Trump to save them is hilarious to me. Their system has been abused to the point where it has to be, as Trump puts it, drained like a swamp of its corruption. Let’s see if America truly becomes great again.

The Collectivist Conspiracy

False Dichotomy: Left v. Right in the Ballot Box

Would it surprise you to know that choosing between left and right is not a real choice when you vote? Many people instinctively, or through experience, come to this realisation. Comedian Russell Brand made headlines during the last UK General Election by vocalising the pointlessness