Over It Yet?

5 thoughts on “Over It Yet?”

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    Chris says:

    I’m looking forward to the next stage which will be “We told you it was a bad idea, look at the price of Pencils now”

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    James Conway says:

    “but with a resolve to accept the democratic decision”

    I don’t believe you. You would have been encouraged by how close the result was and then campaigned to leave for the rest of your life. The rest of your article is just misrepresentations and conjecture.

    Regardless of what happens over the next two years, the UK will be in the EU in 20 years’ time, and you know it.

    1. Dan Liddicott
      Dan Liddicott says:

      Thank you for your comment. Your suggestion that I would have reacted as ‘remoaners’ are now is misrepresentation and conjecture.

      What happens in the next 20 years is for voters in 20 years to decide. Were the EU quite different to what it is now I might have campaigned for remain, but it isn’t so I didn’t. Perhaps in 20 years it will be the kind of organisation worth being a member of. Right now we need to complete Brexit.

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    Phil says:

    A lovely piece that hit the nail right smack on the head.
    I too was in the belief that vote leave would lose and was truely prepared to accept that democratic decision but even when I woke on that joyous morning of the 24th June 2016 to find the result had gone in the favour of leaving the EU I am still saying watch this space because we haven’t left until we have actually left and I don’t think the establishment will let us leave.

    1. Dan Liddicott
      Dan Liddicott says:

      Thanks for commenting. The establishment really are fighting hard to keep us in aren’t they. Cameron promised to trigger A50 the day after the referendum, but he cowardly backed out. EU officials who made absolutely certain that we knew there would be no going back, and that ‘in is in and out it out’ now pretend there is some halfway position available – even though we voted to leave knowing it would be a clean cut with us on the outside. They will say and do anything to ensure that whatever happens next they still hold some of the strings attached to the UK but such an outcome will not be Brexit. While the ‘remoaners’ continue to campaign it is essential that we Brexiters keep our voices heard, not to debate the issues – that was done over a year ago – but to insist that the vote be honoured with all of its implications.

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